List API Request:

This API will help you to list down all subscription details against one specific subscription ID.


Method: GET

Source: Merchant's server

Recipient: Accept's server

Authentication: Bearer Token {auth token}

Please note that if you will not add any subscription id at the end of URL , you will get all subscriptions associated with the specific merchant.

Example response:

    "id": 2,
    "client_info": {
        "full_name": "Clifford Nicolas",
        "email": "[email protected]",
        "phone_number": "+86(8)9135210487"
    "frequency": 7,
    "created_at": "2023-11-28T14:42:19.391779",
    "updated_at": "2023-11-28T14:42:19.391812",
    "name": "Test Subscription",
    "reminder_days": 3,
    "retrial_days": 3,
    "plan_id": 3,
    "state": "active",
    "amount_cents": 200,
    "starts_at": "2023-11-28",
    "next_billing": "2023-12-12",
    "reminder_date": "2023-12-09",
    "ends_at": null,
    "resumed_at": null,
    "suspended_at": null,
    "integration": 3381753,
    "initial_transaction": 147018175

In response to List API, you will be able to get below information in response :

Subscription Information:

ID (id): Each subscription has a unique identifier. This can be useful for tracking and managing subscriptions.
Client Information (client_info): Provides details about the client who subscribed, including full name, email, and phone number. Merchants can use this information for customer management and communication.
Subscription Details:
Frequency (frequency): Indicates how often the subscription renews
Created and Updated Dates (created_at, updated_at): Timestamps that help merchants keep track of when the subscription was created and last updated.
Name (name): Name associated with the subscription. It could be the product or service name or any custom name assigned by the client.
Reminder and Retrial Days (reminder_days, retrial_days): Specifies the number of days before the next billing for sending reminders and retrial attempts. Merchants can automate communication and payment recovery processes based on these values.
Billing and Payment Information:
Plan ID (plan_id): Identifies the specific plan or tier of the subscription. Useful for categorizing and managing different subscription levels.
State (state): Indicates the current state of the subscription, e.g., active, suspended, etc. Helps merchants understand the status of each subscription.
Amount (amount_cents): Specifies the subscription amount in cents. Merchants can use this information for financial reporting and analysis.
Starts, Next Billing, Reminder, and Ends Dates (starts_at, next_billing, reminder_date, ends_at): Important dates related to the subscription lifecycle. Helps merchants in planning and managing subscription events.