Guide for installing Accept's WHMCS plugin supporting our card payment method.

WHMCS plugin that opens the iframe inside your website invoice page from here.

WHMCS plugin that opens the iframe outside your website from here.


1- Upload the below files to your WHMCS “modules/gateways” folder.

  • “modules/gateways/paymobonline.php”

  • “modules/gateways/paymob”

  • “modules/gateways/callback/paymobonline.php”

  • “modules/gateways/callback/paymobonline_response.php”

    2.1- To go to the payment gateway, navigate to your admin dashboard->addons.

2.2 Then go to Browse->Payments.

2.3 Then click on Paymobonline.

2.4 Then click on Activate to add the payment method.

3- Fill the below payment gateways fields as described below. You can neglect the "Courier ID" & "Delivery".

  • Show on Order Form: To enable the payment method on your checkout form.

  • Display Name: The name of our payment method displayed on your checkout form.

  • Account API key: Your paymob API key that you can get from your Accept dashboard*, profile tab.

  • Merchant ID: Your paymob merchant ID.

  • Integration ID: Your card integration ID in your Accept dashboard/Developers/payment integrations tab.

  • HMAC Secret: you can find it in your Accept dashboard*, profile tab.

  • Iframe ID: Your card iframe ID in your Accept dashboard/Developers/Iframes tab.

  • Callback URL: The callback URLs responsible for updating you with the payment statuses for your server & client-side.

  • Convert to for processing: The currency of the payments. Should be "EGP" to match our payment flow.

4- Set the callback URLs in your paymobonline account: open the dashboard-> developer section ->payment integrations tab-> then choose the integration ID you used-> click Edit button then paste the callback.