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HMAC Calculation

A guide to calculating your HMAC secret

HMAC Authentication

Accept callbacks rely on HMAC authentication to verify Accept's identity and integrity of its data.
Every and each callback invoked from Accept's server-side has its own HMAC validation, and they all calculated with the same methodology, once you implemented one of them you can implement the others.

Main Method

Whenever you receive a callback from Accept's end, You will receive a value of the HMAC related to the data received in the request in a query param called hmac, you should calculate an HMAC value equal to the HMAC sent with the received callback, in order to calculate an HMAC similar to the one you received, prepare your endpoint to perform the following:

  1. Sort the data received by key Lexicographical order.

  2. Depending on the type of the received callback, concatenate the values of the keys/params in one string, for any transaction callback, the data fields that should be taken in the concentrations are:


The keys/params should be in the same order shown in the above text.

  1. Calculate the hash of the concatenated string using SHA512 and your HMAC secret, found in the profile tab in your dashboard.

  2. Convert the resultant HMAC is Hex (base 16) lowercase.

  3. Now compare both HMAC values, the one you received with the sent request and the one you calculated out of this request if both are equal, you can safely save this data and use it in your system.

Transaction Processed/Response Callback:

For both callbacks, you should concatenate a string from the mentioned fields with the same order.
So, if we considered the up-mentioned sample transaction processed callback sample, the resultant string for both processed/response should be like:


And if you considered the up-mentioned transaction processed callback sample, the HMAC related to it should be:


So the total results should be like

  "obj": {
    "id": 2556706,
    "pending": false,
    "amount_cents": 100,
    "success": true,
    "is_auth": false,
    "is_capture": false,
    "is_standalois_capturene_payment": true,
    "is_voided": false,
    "is_refunded": false,
    "is_3d_secure": true,
    "integration_id": 6741,
    "profile_id": 4214,
    "has_parent_transaction": false,
    "order": {
      "id": 4778239,
      "created_at": "2020-03-25T18:36:05.494685",
      "delivery_needed": true,
      "merchant": {
        "id": 4214,
        "created_at": "2019-09-22T18:32:56.764441",
        "phones": [
        "company_emails": [
          "[email protected]"
        "company_name": "Accept Payments",
        "state": "",
        "country": "EGY",
        "city": "",
        "postal_code": "",
        "street": ""
      "collector": {
        "id": 115,
        "created_at": "2019-06-29T00:48:26.910433",
        "phones": [],
        "company_emails": [],
        "company_name": "logix - test",
        "state": "Heliopolis",
        "country": "egypt",
        "city": "cairo",
        "postal_code": "123456",
        "street": "Marghany"
      "amount_cents": 2000,
      "shipping_data": {
        "id": 2558893,
        "first_name": "abdulrahman",
        "last_name": "Khalifa",
        "street": "Wadi el Nile",
        "building": "5",
        "floor": "11",
        "apartment": "1565162",
        "city": "Cairo",
        "state": "Cairo",
        "country": "EG",
        "email": "[email protected]",
        "phone_number": "01011994353",
        "postal_code": "",
        "extra_description": " ",
        "shipping_method": "UNK",
        "order_id": 4778239,
        "order": 4778239
      "shipping_details": {
        "id": 1401,
        "cash_on_delivery_amount": 0,
        "cash_on_delivery_type": "Cash",
        "latitude": null,
        "longitude": null,
        "is_same_day": 0,
        "number_of_packages": 1,
        "weight": 1,
        "weight_unit": "Kilogram",
        "length": 1,
        "width": 1,
        "height": 1,
        "delivery_type": "PUD",
        "return_type": null,
        "order_id": 4778239,
        "notes": "im so tired",
        "order": 4778239
      "currency": "EGP",
      "is_payment_locked": false,
      "is_return": false,
      "is_cancel": false,
      "is_returned": false,
      "is_canceled": false,
      "merchant_order_id": null,
      "wallet_notification": null,
      "paid_amount_cents": 100,
      "notify_user_with_email": false,
      "items": [],
      "order_url": "https://accept.paymobsolutions.com/i/nYWD",
      "commission_fees": 0,
      "delivery_fees_cents": 0,
      "delivery_vat_cents": 0,
      "payment_method": "tbc",
      "merchant_staff_tag": null,
      "api_source": "OTHER",
      "pickup_data": null,
      "delivery_status": []
    "created_at": "2020-03-25T18:39:44.719228",
    "transaction_processed_callback_responses": [],
    "currency": "EGP",
    "source_data": {
      "pan": "2346",
      "type": "card",
      "sub_type": "MasterCard"
    "api_source": "IFRAME",
    "terminal_id": null,
    "is_void": false,
    "is_refund": false,
    "data": {
      "acq_response_code": "00",
      "avs_acq_response_code": "Unsupported",
      "klass": "VPCPayment",
      "receipt_no": "008603626261",
      "order_info": "[email protected]",
      "message": "Approved",
      "gateway_integration_pk": 6741,
      "batch_no": "20200325",
      "card_num": null,
      "secure_hash": "832F4673452F9538CCD57D6B07B74183A0EEB1BEF7CA58704E31B244E8366549",
      "avs_result_code": "Unsupported",
      "card_type": "MC",
      "merchant": "TEST999999EGP",
      "created_at": "2020-03-25T16:40:37.127504",
      "merchant_txn_ref": "6741_572e773a5a0f55ff8de91876075d023e",
      "authorize_id": "626261",
      "currency": "EGP",
      "amount": "100",
      "transaction_no": "2090026774",
      "txn_response_code": "0",
      "command": "pay"
    "is_hidden": false,
    "payment_key_claims": {
      "lock_order_when_paid": true,
      "integration_id": 6741,
      "billing_data": {
        "email": "[email protected]",
        "building": "8028",
        "apartment": "803",
        "street": "Ethan Land",
        "country": "CR",
        "state": "Utah",
        "last_name": "Nicolas",
        "first_name": "Clifford",
        "postal_code": "01898",
        "extra_description": "NA",
        "phone_number": "+86(8)9135210487",
        "floor": "42",
        "city": "Jaskolskiburgh"
      "order_id": 4778239,
      "user_id": 4705,
      "pmk_ip": "",
      "exp": 1585157836,
      "currency": "EGP",
      "amount_cents": 100
    "error_occured": false,
    "is_live": false,
    "other_endpoint_reference": null,
    "refunded_amount_cents": 0,
    "source_id": -1,
    "is_captured": false,
    "captured_amount": 0,
    "merchant_staff_tag": null,Direction
    "owner": 4705,
    "parent_transaction": null
  "type": "TRANSACTION"


Try to implement a logic that calculates the HMAC out of the up-mentioned sample callback, and if you got the same results, add this logic to your Transaction processed/response callback endpoints.

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HMAC Calculation

A guide to calculating your HMAC secret

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