Guide for installing Accept's ExpandCart plugin supporting our payment methods
( Credit Card, Kiosk "Aman & Masary", Cash Collection, Bank Installments, and valU Installments ).


ExpandCart Account

Before going on with the installation, make sure that you created an account on ExpandCart.


  1. Open plugins page:

● Browse to your ExpandCart admin panel → settings (الإعدادات).

  1. Click on Payment methods (طرق الدفع).
  1. Click on (اكتشف مزود الدفع).
  1. You will find a search bar. Enter "Paymob" in it. After the payment method is shown, you will click on it.
  1. You will find an overview on Paymob and at the bottom left, you will click the button (أبدأ).
  1. Adding your account data:

● Fill in account following inputs first:
a- “API Key”, you can find it in your Accept dashboard, profile tab.
b- “HMAC Secret”, you can find it in your Accept dashboard, profile tab.
c- (الرقم التعريفي): Which is the merchant ID in your Accept dashboard.

● In each payment method, you will find (رقم التكامل) which is the integration ID you can find in your Accept dashboard/Developers/payment integrations tab.

● In each payment method ( Card, Installments, valU ), you will find (Frame ID) which is the iframe ID you can find in your Accept dashboard/Developers/Iframes tab.

● You will then click on (تثبيت التطبيق) to save your configuration.

You will find below a video to clarify all the steps to set up our Paymob's payment method.



ExpandCart Callback URLs

Regarding the ExpandCart callbacks, contact ExpandCart support to provide you with them.

When you have them, you can add the URLs to your integration ID in your Accept dashboard/Developers/Payment Integrations tab by clicking on the Integration ID.

Use the following card test data to perform a card test transaction with your test integration ID:

Card Number5123456789012346
Cardholder NameTest Account
Expiry Month12
Expiry Year25

Use the following valU test data to perform a valU test transaction with your test integration ID:

valU No.valU OTP


Kindly check the link below for the video containing guidance to add all the payment methods on your website.

For more guidance, kindly check this video from: here