Bank Installments


The steps in this guide are following the essential steps mentioned in the payment API flow guide, so please check it before proceeding to this guide. The installments plans will not appear in the test environment, but they will appear with you in the live environment. You can preview the installments plans in the sample iframe below with the test credentials below.

Pay Request:


Now that you have obtained the payment key, you need to prepare your checkout experience (i.e. client-side code). Our API enables you to accept payment on your website/web app.

iFrame URL:{{your_Installment_iframe_id}}?payment_token={{payment_token_obtained_from_step_3}}


Use the following card test data to show the bank installments plans:

Card Number 5123456789012346
Cardholder Name Test Account
Expiry Month 01
Expiry Year 25


That's it, you've successfully finalized your Card Bank Installments integration with Accept :tada:.
Now, prepare endpoints to receive payment notifications from Accept's server, to learn more about the transactions webhooks, please check this guide.