Delete Subscription Card

This API allows you to delete a specific card associated with a subscription identified by {{subscription_id}}. To use this functionality, send a POST request to the provided URL with the relevant Bearer Token in the request header and specify the card to be deleted by including its card identifier in the request payload. This API is useful for managing and removing card information from a subscription.

Delete Subscription Card API:


Method: POST

Source: Merchant's server

Recipient: Accept's server

Authentication: Bearer Token {auth token}

Content-Type: JSON

cardThe card identifier “TOKEN” to set as the new primary card.
You will have to pass a correct card ID which needs to be deleted. You will get the list of cards against one specific subscription id through List Subscription Cards API.

Example request data:

    "card": 4 //to delete specific card from any subscription id, first check the list 
  //of subscription cards and then run this API by selecting correct card id.Every card has its own id.