Guide for installing Accept's Shopify plugin supporting our payment methods.


1- Please select the "Payment Integrations" tab on your Accept (Paymob) dashboard then click on add (in the top right corner), choose type: "Card", Currency: "EGP", and enable "Use Shopify" Slider,

You will do the same steps to create integration IDs for all the payment methods. (Please contact our technical support on [email protected]).
  1. You can add our payment methods to your Shopify account by clicking here .
  1. You will add the app as shown above. It will redirect you to another page to finalize the app installation from the "Install app" button.
  1. The user data you will need to enter into Shopify is:

Username: This is the username you use to login into your Accept portal.

Password: This is the password you use to login into your Accept portal.

  1. Enable "Test Mode" so that you can perform test transactions on the test environment using the following card details.

Test Card Details:

Card Number: 5123 4567 8901 2346

Card Holder Name: Test Account

Card Expiry: 12/25

Card CVV: 123
  1. After finishing all the previous installation steps, please refer to your sales owner to create a live integration ID after finalizing all your contractual procedures.

  2. Once you receive the live integration ID, you can disable the "Test Mode" on your Shopify settings to be able to perform transactions in the live environment.