Flutter support

Is there any available plugin or SDK for Flutter cross platform

how could I get my money?

I need to know how could I get my money from weaccept ?

Error while integration on android

I am trying to adding sdk to my android app using this dependency implementation 'com.paymob:androidSDK:0.0.1' based on android documentation on this link https://acceptdocs.paymobsolutions.com/docs/android-sdk but it give my this message while sync my android project Failed to resolve: com.paymob:androidSDK:0.0.1 Show in Project Structure dialog

Does accept payment method work with USD

Does accept payment method work with USD?

I am getting invalid data sent!

I am using the following curl code to request access token but i am getting invalid data sent error curl.exe -v -X POST https://accept.paymobsolutions.com/api/auth/tokens -H 'Content-Type:application/json' -H 'Vary:Accept' --data-binary 'api_key:ZXlKaGJHY2lPaUpJVXpVeE1pSXNJblI1Y0NJNklrcFhWQ0o5LmV5SndjbTltYVd4bFgzQnJJam95TXpJeE1Td2lZMnhoYzNNaU9pSk5aWEpqYUdGdWRDSXNJbTVoYldVaU9pSnBibWwwYVdGc0luMC5rdGozT2ZOb2k3cFJMNGQ1ejhTaGFoaGVYTVl2aDVQcWUtVmp3MW13Mnd1dTZma2h4MGlwTzBVYUtBMEtocklNeHJZU0RqZG9oNG9ETjVCUnRMMnoxdw=='

integration with existing POS

how to send the amount of a transaction to the Terminal from my existing ePOS. there are no documentation about integration with paymob Terminals . thanks in advance

data message blocked

why it get this message ?



Does the paymob woocommerce plugin need a specific version of wordpress and woocomerce?

it's not working, I press authenticate after putting down my api key and HMAC and nothing happens?

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